Optimizing Static Content in Django

In any web project whether it is a static or a dynamic one of the main headache for developers is to compress static files and serve them without affecting the page load time. There are compressors like YUIcompressor, Yuglify and many... read more

Implementing WebSockets With Django

Users now demand information as soon as it's available. If you have to refresh the page to get new information, it's already too late. Luckily, a protocol supported by all modern browsers allows... read more

Create MVC framework(Implement the structure)part3

In this article we're going to discuss about implementing the structure of MVC framework.

read more
Is Apache Spark going to replace Hadoop?

What is Apache Spark?
Why it is a hot topic in Big Data forums?
Is Apache Spark going to replace hadoop?
If you are into BigData analytics business then, should you really care about Spark?
I hope this blog post will help to ... read more

6 Reasons Why We Chose AWS

Amazon Web Services (abbreviated AWS) is a collection of remote computing services (also called web services) that together make up a cloud computing platform, offered over the Internet by Amazon.com. The most central and well-known o... read more

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